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EuroShop - PoS Solutions

Info / Order terminal | cashless

ALMEX Cashless

ALMEX Cashless

The new generation: cashless terminal and information system in one all-in-one device.

Decide for yourself whether your customer is guided through the store by information with the terminal, initiates an order process, pays cashlessly or pays with the APP. Everything is possible. Maximum benefit at the highest level.


Kiosk systems

ALMEX Info.Base.DS

With the double display it is possible to provide different information or to operate different functions.
Our InfoBase can be used sustainably due to their modularity and interchangeable components.
Robust and stylish at the same time, ergonomically sophisticated and with integrated storage compartments for your information material, the ALMEX InfoBase.DS can also be integrated into small entrance areas.
The collision protection in the lower area serves the long-term maintenance of the attractive appearance. You choose color, size, equipment and layout according to your wishes and together we implement your ideas.

Technical basics and features:

  • Operating system of your choice
  • Highest quality digital signage
  • Durable, hard-wearing, high resolution
  • Indoor use
  • Easy handling (USB / WLAN possible)
  • Touchscreen, interactive display
  • POS components can be selected according to your needs andto get integrated
Almex Terminal
Almex Terminal

ALMEX Info.Base.LS

Would you like more? Not standard, but special equipment?

  • more functions, e.g. camera and / or barcode scanner?
  • more screen?

Everything is possible. Have your Info Point created according to your wishes.

We implement your requirements for a tailor-made solution promptly.

Costumized Self-Check-Out

With us you can implement your ideas for tomorrow today


Our strength is the development and manufacture of tailor-made solutions while meeting your target price specifications. 

The implementation of your requirements and customer requests in an easy-to-use and clear self-checkout terminal with our innovation and technology will inspire you and your customers. 

With a modular structure, it is possible to put together the ALMEX Base.Sby yourself. You determine the scope of services, size, color and design. 

Thanks to its flexible design, the SCO terminal fits into your individual concept in terms of efficiency and cost structure.

General characteristics:

  • Meets accessibility requirements
  • All service processes are possible from the front
  • Suitable for the installation of all common POS components


  • Terminal available with or without a cash module
  • Cash modules can also be retrofitted
  • Cash modules from Glory or ITL
Branchenlösung SCO


  • Design and color design according to customer requirements
  • Execution of the side tables in size and shape according to customer requirements
  • Optional compartment for later technical extensions in the side table


  • Easy software integration into existing systems with standard components

Optional additional modules:

  • Optionally, Java POS driver can be provided
  • Camera and software for age detection
  • Camera and software for goods recognition
  • Checkweigher in different versions
  • Hand Scanner
  • Signal light
  • Monitoredvoucher box

Do you have a precise idea of what functions your new self checkout terminal should contain and what it should look like?

We are your partner when it comes to individual and universal solutions in the checkout area.

EuroShop - Retail Handhelds
Euroshop - ALMEX Ti

Allegro Ti – ideal for:

  • materials management
  • product consulting
  • logistics
  • Postal services
  • External sales
  • inventory



Euroshop - ALMEX Ti

Allegro Tx:

covers all requirements for data acquisition for inventory, orders, price reduction and much more.
Also suitable for field service, cash management, generation of one-time codes for opening electronic locks, mail and parcel service providers or in industry in the area of quality control, component tracking and much more. Incl. exchangeable battery that can be exchanged during use.


EuroShop - Cash Management

Deposit Solution with security safes

EloStar® Master von INSYS locks


EloStar® Master by INSYS locks
built on Rubin Pro 45T by FORMAT

Example of use:

  • when changing shifts between retail employees
  • CIT: Scan of the one-time code with handheld to open the safe

Cash Recycling Solution

EloStar® flexID von INSYS locks

EloStar® flexID by INSYS locks
built on Note Collect BV2
(Deposit for wads of banknotes)

Example of use:
Contactless opening of the safe


Deposit Solution with deposit flap

EloStar® Master Scan von INSYS locks

EloStar® Master Scan by INSYS locks
built on Gemini Pro D-I-175 by FORMAT


Example of use:

  • Retail employees: Scan safe bags and drop in deposit drawer
  • CIT: Scan of the one-time code with handheld to open the safe


PayMPoint – the modular payment system of FORMAT – enables an automated, secured and transparent payment process at the point of sale. Customers pay for their goods independently at the PayMPoint. Your sales staff dont´t get in contact with cash, which especially offers hygienic and technical advantages in the food sector.

The PayMPoint is ideally suited for stationary food and retail trade, in gastronomy and ticketing.


MyCashier Modular

Note Deposit Solution RDM 100

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