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Front-/Back office IQ.Safe | Store Safe

The secure storage of cash stocks or change in day-to-day business is a major challenge in retail businesses, the catering industry and other institutions with cash payments.

On the one hand, companies must fulfil the current requirements of the employers‘ liability insurance associations to protect their employees from robberies, in Germany, for example, in accordance with the DGUV‘s UVV robbery prevention regulations. On the other hand, employees themselves often represent a risk of loss. According to various studies, the number of thefts in companies is increasing and, in addition to classic shoplifting, thefts by employees are increasingly being recognised.

Information on UVV robbery prevention

The solution
IQ.Safe | Store Safe

  • Developed to reduce the risk of loss in sales outlets, catering outlets and other institutions that exchange cash and in accordance with the requirements of the UVV robbery prevention regulations
  • Also includes intelligent and efficient cash capture Responsibility for cash is transferred directly to the cash-in-transit service provider after deposit
  • Optional connection to your POS system
  • Free-standing or for installation in checkout furniture or your store equipment – directly at the point of sale or in the back office
  • Customised to your security requirements profile
  • Sum insured as agreed with your insurer
  • Separately lockable areas can be used according to your requirements.

Reduction of the risk of loss (internal theft / robbery)

Efficient cash disposal without the dual control principle

In accordance with current German DGUV regulations/accident prevention

Suitable for:

  • Cash Management in daily business
  • Change
  • Counterfeit money check
  • Cash drawer
  • Mobile POS devices
  • Documents

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Entry-level deposit box solution with drop-in flap for temporary storage and securing cash holdings during day-to-day business.

Suitable for:

  • Branches with a low cash volume
  • Kiosks, branches, stores, petrol stations, drugstores, flower shops, pharmacies, beverage markets, boutiques, etc.

Please note:
Optionally with electronic lock incl. time delay to comply with the German UVV robbery prevention regulations

Depositlösungen EuroCIS

Questions about
IQ.Safe | Store Safe


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