ScaMo Pro Safe

Process-reliable insertion of safebags

The challenge

The safe and efficient depositing of cash in day-to-day business is a fundamental requirement in companies with cash volumes.
Certified deposit safes from FORMAT minimise the risk of loss due to robbery and theft, and thus secure the cash handling from the cash register personnel to the handover to the cash transport company.

These safes have deposit drawers with an integrated return lock, which prevents subsequent removal of the deposited goods.
Appropriate solutions are available depending on the amount of cash and the required sum to be insured. The opening and closing process of classic deposit safes is carried out by means of a double-bit lock or an electronic lock.

ScaMo Pro Safe – Future-oriented in safety, process and efficiency


ScaMo Pro Safe is a joint development of FORMAT, one of the leading European safe manufacturers, and INSYS, a manufacturer of innovative lock systems. As a result of many years of close cooperation, the INSYS solution EloStar® Master Scan was jointly

further developed in order to implement cash handling in companies with cash volumes being securely, efficiently, tamper-proof and digitally logged.

ScaMo Pro Safe is a complete system for the safe and efficient deposit of cash stocks and can thus be used autonomously. By connecting the smart INSYS lock solution, the depositing of cash stocks can not only be mapped efficiently: every opening and depositing of the ScaMo Pro Safe is logged seamlessly

Suitable for
• Retail companies & filling stations
• Gastronomy & hotel industry
• Cash-in-transit companies
• and much more.

ScaMo Pro Retrofit Kit
Thanks to the ScaMo Pro retrofit kit, this process optimisation can also be applied to existing deposit solutions regardless of the manufacturer.

Experienced FORMAT service technicians will be happy to implement this solution for you – feel free to contact us about retrofitting.

Future-oriented process mapping

Stand-alone solution

Seamless logging

The advantages of the ScaMo Pro at a glance

• Efficient safeguarding of cash holdings in day-to-day business
• Reduction of the risk of loss resulting from robbery or theft
• Secure process flows
• Seamless logging and documentation of all events
• Stand-alone solution – no additional hardware required
• Can be retrofitted to existing deposit safes regardless of manufacturer

Questions about ScaMo Pro Safe?

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