MyCashier Modular

Safe and contactless
With MyCashier Modular at the service- and sales counters you automate cash transactions, without access to the cash for the operating personal.

Transparency in real time
Furthermore, the relocation of the cash handling in a reliably working automated system improved monitoring and analysis of the cash situation at the checkout area of every business.

MyCashier Modular

Optimized cash-recycling
Hereby feeding and removal of cash can be planned in line
with the requirements. Empty runs of security services (CIT) are avoided. In the cash process involved employees can transparently control and monitor the cash flow during operations without having access to cash.

Integration into your POS system
The MyCashier Modular can be integrated seamlessly into your current POS system. At your request, we create an appropriate interface to your current cash register software.

Individual design
The design can be adapted individually to your shop fitting concept.

The advantages of this solution

Automated processing of cash transactions
Service-friendly design
Modular expandability
Easy integration into the counter, checkout etc.
Intuitive usabillity
With tamper-proof coin box (overflow-box)

MyCashier Modular

Note recycler

3D visualization of the interior of the grocery store.

Coin recycler


Twin (Doppelhopper)

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